Balancing work and kids

Today Nolan asked if I was done working yet. Traditionally, it is very easy for me to quickly dismiss the kids with “mommy still has work to do.”

Today though, I said to Nolan…sweetie, mommy really loves playing with you, but mommy really loves her work too. Mommy gets to make a big difference in other people’s lives and in the community with the work I do. I help a lot of people and I really enjoy doing it. So thank you for being patient, and I will play with you, but let me finish what I am doing right now.”

Sometimes we need to be careful- there are plenty of times when I will take the opportunity to stop “working” and play with the kids. You really can’t go wrong except that there is ALSO nothing wrong with your work being meaningful and with you having some (small) element of discipline to complete that which you hoped to accomplish for the day.

It’s all about balance. Some days, I will drop the work for special time with the family. Other times, I will choose to finish what I am working on. Both are right and good. xoxoxox

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