The Critical Mistake You Didn’t Realize You Are Making In Your Pursuit of a Better Life

The Critical Mistake You Didn’t Realize You Are Making In Your Pursuit of a Better Life

The Critical Mistake You Didn’t Realize You Are Making In Your Pursuit of a Better Life

If you keep scratching your head and can’t figure out why things just aren’t getting any better no matter how positive you try to be, no matter what you try to do, then read on!

work is workAs a conscious creator and someone who has a natural affinity towards observing human behavior, I can’t help but notice when a friend, colleague or relative is engaging behavior that isn’t serving them.  Of course, these things are so much easier to spot in others and less easy to notice within ourselves, so today I thought I would share the number one critical mistake that you don’t realize you are making!

The number one mistake is allowing your current reality to rule over your attitude, beliefs and emotions instead of allowing expansion to come from relishing in what you want it to be.

First, let me clarify what I mean by allowing your current reality to rule over your attitude:

  • It means that you experience an unexpected bill, look at your bank account, and have a reaction of anxiety, frustration, sadness, or depression because “money is ti248919ght” as it is
  • It means that you engage old limiting beliefs about how impossible your sister is when you try to reason with her about a necessary change in her life, “knowing” how awful the conversation will be
  • It means that you weigh yourself daily and grimace about the number showing on the scale, feeling unlovable, unattractive and hopeless
  • It means maybe you feel like no matter what you try or how positive you try to be, life isn’t fair

If any of these ring true for you, there is a simple fix!  You are suffering from Currentrealityitis.

It’s very common, it IS contagious, but it is totally treatable.

The great news is, first and foremost, you have a choice in this life!  Sure, things happen in your life, but you get to choose how you react to them and you get to choose if you use it define you or to motivate you towards better and more.

So what’s the cure?

The cure is to choose an intentional perspective (shameless business name drop there).  Intentionally choose a different way to see your life experiences from a new perspective.  For example:

  • Have you ever thought how there are thousands of people who WISH they had the problem you had? Trouble paying the mortgage?  It means you have a roof over your head!
  • Have you ever thought, “could be worse!” Sure you are 20 pounds past your ideal weight…at least it isn’t 30!
  • What if you shifted your focus from the thing that you are struggling with and relished in all that is going well for you! Like, “hey, I woke up this morning.  And I like my sheets.  And I can shower and have luke warm and maybe even hot water! J  I have something I could eat.  I have a car to get me places.”  Things like that?

Finally, if you want to know the especially effective approach that conscious creators engage, we don’t look at our current reality as some fixed death sentence.  In fact, we don’t pay much attention to what the current reality is in a lot of cases.  We see it as a stepping stone and we reaffirm our intentions and desires with as much feeling as we can muster up.  Here are a few examples:

  • Despite the passive aggressive text we may have just received from a sibling, we say things like “my relationship is healed and we are getting along so much better now. I love and embrace my sister.  I am so happy we are closer than ever.”
  • Despite the unexpected bill, we say things like, “Whew, good thing I am rich! And when I circulate my money out into the world, it comes back to me multiplied.  It’s all good, the money will show up.”
  • Despite the desired weight loss, we look in the mirror and we flaunt our bodies, we compliment ourselves and we shower ourselves with self-love and acceptance. We say things like “I am one hot sexy mama, I’ve got it going ON!  I am getting healthier and healthier every day”
  • Despite the recent rejection, despite someone’s lack of interest in your business/product/services, we say (to God/Universe): “THANK YOU! Thank you for not wasting my time with a less than perfect client. I’m so excited about my roster of perfect clients.  More and more find me every day.”  And then we delight in having tons of perfect clients, even if in reality we have one or none.

Deliberat13315381_906075092851985_2309614886863028365_ne creators know that visualizing your dream life, envisioning that you have all that you could ever want and more, is the most powerful method of attracting it into your existence more quickly.

We know that the more we can step out of our current reality and embrace the feelings that go hand in hand with our ideal reality, we are allowing it to manifest into our lives.

It’s a leap of faith, it’s engaging your imagination, and it certainly isn’t main stream…but if you look at professional athletes, actors and some of the wealthiest on our planet, they will tell you that they visualized their success well before its arrival.

Something to think about next time you get caught up in the here and the now!  And if you are looking for someone to help you in that journey, check out my website and see if you like my style!  I always have room for a few more perfect clients and guiding others on their path brings me indescribable satisfaction and joy!


Jamie Goins (ok heh that’s me) is a transformational life & business coach 13450725_949635211754_7175340385442189601_nextraordinaire, training expert & founder of Intentional Perspective.  ::Switching to 1st person::  If Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels ever had a love child, you’d probably get someone like me- not me, but close. 😉 It is my absolute passion to provide support, guidance, accountability, and encouragement to small business owners, mom-preneurs and others on their journey to gain clarity, discover new opportunities and achieve their highest aspirations.  I love life, love having fun, and love helping others be outrageously successful.  Come join me on my playground!




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