Dr. Seuss is more than just a guy who can rhyme

I’ve always thought it was so strange that there were people that exist in this world- indeed, people who make a career out of- judging the creativity of others in terms of the poems and literature they produce, the photography they capture or the art they create, whatever the form or fashion.

Some time in my adult life, I learned that there was criticism that existed about Dr. Seuss’s poems.  As a child who grew up with every book he had ever published, who could easily recite dozens of his poems on command (I still can, by the way- maybe not 100% but damn close), this shocked me!  Who were these imbeciles?!? How dare they criticize this great man?!

I am chuckling right now because I remember feeling the same way when I would write a poem for school and my teacher would grade/correct it.  I remember thinking, “umm no.  See that is how I want to write it and it is my version of art, so you can’t tell me I am wrong for creating it exactly how I wanted to.”  The nerve, right?  Pssh…give me an A-.  Ridiculous. 🙂

But back to my point at hand- Dr. Seuss is a genius and I am so grateful that he had a means to successfully share his gift with our world.  This was a man that pursued his passion.  This was a man living his life purpose.  And look where it got him?

Below is a short children’s poem that Shel Silverstein wrote…  Or is it?  Perhaps it is something much much more profound than that.  Perhaps it is an invitation to a different way of living your life.  Perhaps it is the key to a perspective in life that can take you places you never thought possible.

Please accept my invitation to access your inner child; to dream, to believe, and to let your imagination run wild.  Because if you can do that, we can truly make magic together.

Dr. Seuss Invitation Poem

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