Change Your Life with this one SHIFT: LOVE, obligation and resentment and CHOICE!

Greetings lovelies!

The other day I posted a video about something you can do RIGHT NOW to heal relationships and truly change your life…and what that one thing is…. ::drum roll please::

You guessed it- adopt an “Intentional” Perspective!!!

Ask yourself this- think about the last few days or weeks- did you ever find yourself grumpy, angry, annoyed/irritated or doing something because “you had no choice” or because you felt OBLIGATED to do it??  Perhaps it was for a loved one – maybe someone you are caring for?  Or maybe it was about your job?  Perhaps you feel you have no choice when it comes to being miserable and hating the job you are at right now.

I have great news for you- you are not obligated to do anything in life.  Feeling obligated is what you tell yourself.  But you aren’t.  You have a choice.  And we forget that!!!!  We so often forget that we have a choice.  And when we reframe the decision as a choice we are making, it is a lot easier to find the love and joy in what you are doing.

Watch the video using the link below and let me know your thoughts!  Any a-ha moments for you?

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