The Lucky 7- Successfully Manifesting Thousands Through the Art of Letting Go and Being Present to Serve

The Lucky 7

I had quite the interesting experience recently and wanted to share- it involved successfully manifesting thousands of dollars in a couple different ways- who wouldn’t want to hear a story about that?!?  Ok so here’s the background: just shy of a few weeks ago, my bank placed a fraud alert on my account, which prompted me to take my debit card out of my wallet, make some calls and clear my account.  Yes, as a matter of fact I DID buy all those things, Mr. Banker Man, but thanks for making me stop and second guess those purchases. 🙂

Well, it wasn’t until I went to use my debit card the following day that I realized it never made it back into my purse.  Hmm, I thought, no biggie, I know I took it out, I’ll find it when I get home.  I said my mantra- I choose to live in easy world where everything is easy, including my debit card magically appearing.  Only when I got home, I started “looking” for it, and you guessed it- I couldn’t find it.

Now, the thing was, there were plenty of places to look because I had lots of tidying that needed to be done.  My office, for one, was trashed.  We did this MASSIVE decluttering where we literally donated/disposed of over 80 bags/boxes of things.  Like, 22 hours of dedicated decluttering there.  And some things made the cut and weren’t organized yet.  I knew that once I decluttered, I’d easily find my card…

Note the mindset- “I will be able to find it.”

So I cleaned the office- no card.  I decluttered the remaining bins of kids clothes, packed them up for donation- still no card.  I cleaned off our super super messy and cluttered kitchen counter- felt GREAT, but no card.  I started looking in the stupidest places.  Desk drawers, under laptops, behind desks, under couches.  I was truthfully getting so annoyed and exasperated.  WTF.  I asked my 3 year old Mia- did you take mommy’s card?  She said, “yeah!  It’s hidden good!”  Though she was having fun playing along, I could tell she had no idea what I was actually talking about.  The search continued.

After 3 days of this (it felt a lot longer), I decide it’s time to bring in the big guns.  On Monday night, I prayed:  “Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come around, I have something that I need to be found!!!”  I “gave it up” to St. Anthony but admitted to my husband that I was drained from my unsuccessful searching and still pretty grumpy.  So it is important to note that even though I reached out for help, I wasn’t exactly letting anything “go.”

Then Tuesday morning, I said I was thinking about going to the grocery store with whatever cash I had and buy a few essentials- the $20 I had in cash would suit just fine, no biggie…and hey, not having a debit card sure makes me spend less!  I was finally seeing the bright side.  I didn’t care any more about the card.  My husband asked me, “hey if you are going to go to the store, will you get me some protein bars?”  Sure I said, but THAT requires a debit card.  So, he gave me his.  I ended up leaving shortly thereafter, not really thinking anything of it.

In hindsight, I can see that I had finally let go.  I didn’t need my debit card and instead of “wasting” my time and energy searching for it, I was being present to the moment, and serving my here and now.  My hubby needed protein bars, so the optional grocery trip I was musing about now had a solidified spot on my To Do list.

I came home and started unpacking the groceries and putting them away.  I open up the cabinet to put his bars away, and as I begin to make room for them, what do I see???  On the second shelf.  Next to an ice tray that hasn’t been used in a year and an unopened bag of coffee….my debit card. WHA???????

Now listen.  I know what you are thinking.  First, no, Nick did not put it there or anything like that.  No, my children don’t and can’t reach there.  And no, I personally have NO reasonable explanation for where I found that card.  But there it sat.  Waiting for me after I had let go, lived life and I was “present to serve.”

This is very timely for me.  I’ve been ruminating about what it means, in my life, to be present to serve, as there is a Facebook group run by Amina Makhdoom and Ming Chee this month, and I really wasn’t connecting with precisely what it meant in my life.

Now, you may be thinking, big whoop, you found your card, it’s not like you found a million dollar lotto ticket Jamie…  You made me think you manifested thousands of dollars out of thin air.  Ok yes, I was trying to think of a catchy title, but this is really important stuff- here me out (and there’s more!)!  And I did lose the convenience of instant access to my thousands of dollars, but I digress.  Hear me out.

This is a hugely valuable reminder to all of us about manifesting our desires.  Sometimes the most impactful lessons are delivered in the simplest of terms.  And as we all know, the same principles apply whether you are seeking a free cup of coffee or a million dollar business.  Here is what I reaffirmed through this scenario:

It was only when I did the following did I “achieve” my goal and manifest the desired outcome:

  1. Asked for what I wanted
  2. Let go completely- I stopped “looking” – I stopped “pursuing” it
  3. Surrendered to the emotions I was feeling
  4. Gave up all expectation for having it/finding it
  5. Moved on, enjoying life without having achieved my goal/without having it
  6. Was “present to serve” – Intentionally “present” and living in the moment, responsive to my needs, opportunities presented and needs expressed
  7. Acted as if I did have what I wanted, even though “in reality” I didn’t

When I did all these things – hah- 7 steps, lucky 7 J – sorry, as I was saying…when I did ALL these steps- not just one or the other- I was instantly rewarded with that which I wanted- my debit card was essentially handed to me on a silver platter (in a place that I kid you not, If I were on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, and it was a multiple choice, million dollar question, as to where my debit card could be, I would literally lose the game because it wasn’t possible that it was where I found it).

It makes no sense in “muggle” world.  But in a Universe where anything is possible, THERE is where it makes complete and utter sense.  And luckily, that is the world I live in!  (oh and PS, you live in that world too).

SO OFTEN we are very actively pursuing that which we desire.  Even though we say we are letting it go and giving it up to God/Universe, we really aren’t.  So here’s something to chew on- if what you are doing right now isn’t working, you have nothing to lose in trying the 7-step approach outlined above.  Give it a shot- and if you are skeptical, you can always start “small” on something you truly have no attachment to.  I’d love to hear how it goes!

Oh and PS- that same day, I had another client sign up for over $2000 in services.  That was pretty cool too.


Jamie Goins is a transformational life & business coach extraordinaire, training expert & founder of IntJamie Goins - Pic for Bioentional Perspective.  ::Switching to 1st person::  If Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels ever had a love child, you’d probably get someone like me- not me, but close. 😉 It is my absolute passion to provide support, guidance, accountability, and encouragement to small business owners, mom-preneurs and others on their journey to gain clarity, discover new opportunities and achieve their highest aspirations.  I love life, love having fun, and love helping others be outrageously successful.  Come join me on my playground!


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