Note Pages for your Meditation Downloads

I’ve started meditating and I consistently get inspired thoughts- I call them my meditation downloads- and I wanted to put together something super simple, but with the purpose in mind that I can jot down anything that comes up during my meditations.  Enter: My Daily Meditation Download note paper.  I hope you find them as useful as I do!

Click for pdf: Meditation Downloads pages

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The Lucky 7- Successfully Manifesting Thousands Through the Art of Letting Go and Being Present to Serve

The Lucky 7

I had quite the interesting experience recently and wanted to share- it involved successfully manifesting thousands of dollars in a couple different ways- who wouldn’t want to hear a story about that?!?  Ok so here’s the background: just shy of a few weeks ago, my bank placed a fraud alert on my account, which prompted me to take my debit card out of my wallet, make some calls and clear my account.  Yes, as a matter of fact I DID buy all those things, Mr. Banker Man, but thanks for making me stop and second guess those purchases. 🙂

Well, it wasn’t until I went to use my debit card the following day that I realized it never made it back into my purse.  Hmm, I thought, no biggie, I know I took it out, I’ll find it when I get home.  I said my mantra- I choose to live in easy world where everything is easy, including my debit card magically appearing.  Only when I got home, I started “looking” for it, and you guessed it- I couldn’t find it.

Now, the thing was, there were plenty of places to look because I had lots of tidying that needed to be done.  My office, for one, was trashed.  We did this MASSIVE decluttering where we literally donated/disposed of over 80 bags/boxes of things.  Like, 22 hours of dedicated decluttering there.  And some things made the cut and weren’t organized yet.  I knew that once I decluttered, I’d easily find my card…

Note the mindset- “I will be able to find it.”

So I cleaned the office- no card.  I decluttered the remaining bins of kids clothes, packed them up for donation- still no card.  I cleaned off our super super messy and cluttered kitchen counter- felt GREAT, but no card.  I started looking in the stupidest places.  Desk drawers, under laptops, behind desks, under couches.  I was truthfully getting so annoyed and exasperated.  WTF.  I asked my 3 year old Mia- did you take mommy’s card?  She said, “yeah!  It’s hidden good!”  Though she was having fun playing along, I could tell she had no idea what I was actually talking about.  The search continued.

After 3 days of this (it felt a lot longer), I decide it’s time to bring in the big guns.  On Monday night, I prayed:  “Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come around, I have something that I need to be found!!!”  I “gave it up” to St. Anthony but admitted to my husband that I was drained from my unsuccessful searching and still pretty grumpy.  So it is important to note that even though I reached out for help, I wasn’t exactly letting anything “go.”

Then Tuesday morning, I said I was thinking about going to the grocery store with whatever cash I had and buy a few essentials- the $20 I had in cash would suit just fine, no biggie…and hey, not having a debit card sure makes me spend less!  I was finally seeing the bright side.  I didn’t care any more about the card.  My husband asked me, “hey if you are going to go to the store, will you get me some protein bars?”  Sure I said, but THAT requires a debit card.  So, he gave me his.  I ended up leaving shortly thereafter, not really thinking anything of it.

In hindsight, I can see that I had finally let go.  I didn’t need my debit card and instead of “wasting” my time and energy searching for it, I was being present to the moment, and serving my here and now.  My hubby needed protein bars, so the optional grocery trip I was musing about now had a solidified spot on my To Do list.

I came home and started unpacking the groceries and putting them away.  I open up the cabinet to put his bars away, and as I begin to make room for them, what do I see???  On the second shelf.  Next to an ice tray that hasn’t been used in a year and an unopened bag of coffee….my debit card. WHA???????

Now listen.  I know what you are thinking.  First, no, Nick did not put it there or anything like that.  No, my children don’t and can’t reach there.  And no, I personally have NO reasonable explanation for where I found that card.  But there it sat.  Waiting for me after I had let go, lived life and I was “present to serve.”

This is very timely for me.  I’ve been ruminating about what it means, in my life, to be present to serve, as there is a Facebook group run by Amina Makhdoom and Ming Chee this month, and I really wasn’t connecting with precisely what it meant in my life.

Now, you may be thinking, big whoop, you found your card, it’s not like you found a million dollar lotto ticket Jamie…  You made me think you manifested thousands of dollars out of thin air.  Ok yes, I was trying to think of a catchy title, but this is really important stuff- here me out (and there’s more!)!  And I did lose the convenience of instant access to my thousands of dollars, but I digress.  Hear me out.

This is a hugely valuable reminder to all of us about manifesting our desires.  Sometimes the most impactful lessons are delivered in the simplest of terms.  And as we all know, the same principles apply whether you are seeking a free cup of coffee or a million dollar business.  Here is what I reaffirmed through this scenario:

It was only when I did the following did I “achieve” my goal and manifest the desired outcome:

  1. Asked for what I wanted
  2. Let go completely- I stopped “looking” – I stopped “pursuing” it
  3. Surrendered to the emotions I was feeling
  4. Gave up all expectation for having it/finding it
  5. Moved on, enjoying life without having achieved my goal/without having it
  6. Was “present to serve” – Intentionally “present” and living in the moment, responsive to my needs, opportunities presented and needs expressed
  7. Acted as if I did have what I wanted, even though “in reality” I didn’t

When I did all these things – hah- 7 steps, lucky 7 J – sorry, as I was saying…when I did ALL these steps- not just one or the other- I was instantly rewarded with that which I wanted- my debit card was essentially handed to me on a silver platter (in a place that I kid you not, If I were on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, and it was a multiple choice, million dollar question, as to where my debit card could be, I would literally lose the game because it wasn’t possible that it was where I found it).

It makes no sense in “muggle” world.  But in a Universe where anything is possible, THERE is where it makes complete and utter sense.  And luckily, that is the world I live in!  (oh and PS, you live in that world too).

SO OFTEN we are very actively pursuing that which we desire.  Even though we say we are letting it go and giving it up to God/Universe, we really aren’t.  So here’s something to chew on- if what you are doing right now isn’t working, you have nothing to lose in trying the 7-step approach outlined above.  Give it a shot- and if you are skeptical, you can always start “small” on something you truly have no attachment to.  I’d love to hear how it goes!

Oh and PS- that same day, I had another client sign up for over $2000 in services.  That was pretty cool too.


Jamie Goins is a transformational life & business coach extraordinaire, training expert & founder of IntJamie Goins - Pic for Bioentional Perspective.  ::Switching to 1st person::  If Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels ever had a love child, you’d probably get someone like me- not me, but close. 😉 It is my absolute passion to provide support, guidance, accountability, and encouragement to small business owners, mom-preneurs and others on their journey to gain clarity, discover new opportunities and achieve their highest aspirations.  I love life, love having fun, and love helping others be outrageously successful.  Come join me on my playground!


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Appreciate the sunshine AS WELL AS the storms

Here’s some more intentional thoughts by Jamie! 🙂



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The #1 Most Effective Technique to Quickly Move Beyond Disappointment

We’ve all been there right?  Your day is trotting along like normal and then suddenly, over the course of the day, as if your life was one long game of paintball, you get hit over and over again- this time it was with disappointment.

-your-disappointment-will-be-confirmed-at-230-this-afternoon-7cf00I actually experienced a full spectrum of disappointment ranging from mere annoyance to tears streaming down my face.  And then to make matters worse, you always have that one person say, “if you didn’t have expectations in the first place, you wouldn’t get let down.”  Suddenly it’s a bad thing to have expectations!  While I fully admit there are areas where I can lower my expectations, I certainly don’t subscribe to the notion that expectations are bad.  I totally get it- the more you have an attitude of gratitude over one of expectation, life is going to be that much sweeter.  But that said, there are still times when expectations are normal and good and unfortunately lend themselves to the possibility of disappointment if things don’t go as expected.

My minor disappointment came to be in the form of contrast after I had been pretty happy/proud of myself – I do project management work in addition to my coaching and training and I very proactively emailed the team with some extra clarification on an earlier email that the executive sponsor had sent out.  Communication is often a barrier in projects, so the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned!  I was pretty happy that I took the moment to be present to the situation, went above and beyond, and responded with that additional info.  Well the executive sponsor did not agree with me, hah!  I can laugh now, but dang I was annoyed in that red hot moment!!  Thoughts like, “well if he were more attuned to the group’s needs, he would know this was the right thing to do.” Or another, “sighhh THIS is what happens when you try to do the right thing!”  Hahaha again, it’s so easy to laugh now, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, we can say some pretty negative things.  And that is NOT kosher with a life of intentional thoughts and choices.

I instantly recognized my mood shift and took immediate steps to address the contrast I was feeling.  But then as life would have it, I was faced with yet more disappointment in seeing that a colleague still hadn’t replied after my multiple attempts at contact.  Yuckies.  And also, another person I was expecting to get in touch with blew me off.  What is it with this day?!?

bad day

So we have all had these days where it seems the minute you have cleaned up after one disaster, the next one happens.  What I see there is a need to get really clear on what I want to be vibrating in this world.  It’s almost like a smoke signal to me- “Jamie!  You need to be more consistent about your desire to maintain a positive, uplifting environment!  Get with the program!”  Message heard loud and clear, but it’s not as easy as “snapping” out of it, right?  So I’m going to share what worked for me in hopes that it will work for others too!

My number one tool for quickly overcoming disappointment is to totally love and accept yourself and be supportive of the fact that you have this feeling of disappointment.  If you can consciously choose to be present to the moment, embrace the feeling (don’t downplay it), acknowledge how you feel and honor it, I promise you that you will be able to move past it so quickly!!

What did this look like for me???  First, I played moody music.  I was NOT in the mood for something loving or upbeat!  It made me cry and that’s when I knew I was on the path to recovery!  I acknowledged my disappointment but then I said, ok now what?  How do I want this story to evolve?  I decided, that’s ok that the executive sponsor and I don’t agree.  That’s not a reflection of my capabilities nor my expertise.  I also decided not to interpret the lack of response from my colleague as a lack of interest.  And even if it was, that’s ok too.  If we aren’t a match, then I would rather not waste time on that relationship when I could invest it in people that were eager to engage with me.  Finally, I decided just because I got one closed door in that final scenario (THAT one really stung), I can simply change up my approach and carry on there as well.

You see, there are always going to be things that let us down or cause disappointment.  My son is heartbroken if we have plans to go to the zoo and it unexpectedly rains.  It’s a part of life!  But the great news is, we have control over how we respond to that disappointment, and we have control over how we move forward from it.  THAT is where the power is!

Finally, you might feel a bit drained after having recovered from disappointment.  So after I had processed and moved on, I took extra steps towards enhanced self-care to make sure my cup was full again.  To really resonate with joy and love, I looked through old videos and pictures on my phone and facebook- I can’t help but smile seeing and hearing my children.  This helps me ANY time I need a boost.  This also included a nice sea salt bath with essential oils to wind down the night.  Someone else might prefer a nice walk outside, firepit, or even simply a nap!  These are all simple but effective solutions!  Last but not least, you may have guessed this, but I wrote out a gratitude list.  I re-directed my energy and attention to all the things going RIGHT in my life, all the love and support that I DO have and boy did that feel soooooo good.

Next time you find yourself in a state of disappointment, try my approach on for size and let me know how it goes!

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Control, Letting Go and other life lessons from the Cincinnati Zoo Incident

Article Photo

Sometimes you can be doing everything right and your kid still falls into the gorilla exhibit.  This incident, which made national news this past week, is a brilliant metaphor for life and for any of our aspirations/dreams/goals that we are intentionally manifesting, in my ohsohumble opinion.  Stay with me.

My initial reaction in reading the headlines were embarrassingly and sadly typical- ::palm to face:: what is wrong with people these days…  I sighed.  I judged.  I was angry.  I wanted justice.

But today, after watching the actual video footage for the first time, I had a set of very different thoughts and emotions swell from within.  If you have checked out from the internet recently and don’t know what I am talking about, the incident I am referring to is that of a 3-year old boy falling into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati zoo, where the zookeepers had to make the very difficult decision to shoot and kill the gorilla who had gotten hold of the boy after his fall.  The boy’s screams, the mother’s panicked voice as she tried to calm him from above, saying that he would be ok:  These haunt me.  I ugly cried.

As a deliberate creator, I know the ideal thing to do in that moment is to be calm, accept that I am not in control and visualize safety for my son and for the animals in the exhibit.  But who am I kidding?  It would have taken the strength of 6 grown men, pinning me down as I kicked and clawed and cursed like a sailor, to stop me from climbing in after him with more hubris beaming from my chest than a Greek God.  Clearly I have a lot of growth left in me.  I deeply love and accept myself anyways.  (But I digress.)

That 2 minute video brought to the surface one of my most visceral and darkest fears that I think every parent (or entrepreneur or business owner) has: we are not “in control” of how life plays out, and at any given moment in any given day, something terrible could happen despite our efforts otherwise.  This applies to parenting of course, but also life in general as well as failures experienced in business.  You can put the time in, you can have your brilliant idea, execute and a tornado hits your office building.  I was sitting with someone who had a brilliant business idea and they day he was supposed to pitch it (in New York), was on 9/11/2011.  Bad timing or divine intervention?

But back to my point.  Having this deep, dark fear unearthed shook my normally quite positive and intentional perspective about life.  Resistance surfaced that I didn’t really realize existed because I don’t often think about it – but it was there, lurking.  I realized I have this deeply engrained resistance to this notion that shit happens, that despite all your best efforts, tragedy still can occur.  I don’t like it.  As my daughter Mia would say, “is ickies mama. Yuck. Ptuh ptuh.”

This can hit you hard.  Who of us really wants to believe or accept this?!  We all want to be infallible.  Failure is not an option, we tell ourselves.  And yet, it is.  At any given moment, we could “fail.”  That is why, even despite my initial reaction, even amongst the hatred, outcry and judgment you see swirling around the situation, I have the deepest empathy.

No parent (or entrepreneur or business person) wakes up happily exclaiming, “YES! Now let’s see what creative way I can f#ck up again today!”  No parent wishes trauma on their child or themselves.  EVERY parent (and business owner and entrepreneur) is trying as best they know how and wants to protect what matters most to them.  What would happen if we took this sad and tragic incident as an opportunity to express love and support?  What if we chose to use this contrast as a reason to express gratitude for how good we have it right now?  What if we chose to count our blessings instead of burdens?

Bad things happen- that doesn’t mean we can’t derive good from it.  No matter our efforts, at best we are co-creators in this life.  Drop the judgment and pick up your beautiful child.  Be grateful – appreciate your life as much as you possibly can.  That is the lesson you can choose to take from this incident.  God/The Universe does not promise you that you will get through life without failure- instead, there is massive support and rewards given for those of us that can keep the faith, pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and continue pressing forward.

You don’t control life.  You can’t control every second of every day for your loved ones, nor should you try.  Instead of dwelling on your fear of not being in control, rejoice in the fact that you DO have control over some things!  You are 100% in control of how you choose to respond to what life presents to you each and every day- your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions.

It is only with this kind of intentional perspective that we can look back and say we lived our best life.  Choosing to let go and live each day with a sense of joy, wonderment and gratitude is the magical trifecta for a life lived with no regrets.  This will allow you a life filled with love, passion, purpose and achievement.  I saw a shirt once- my favorite shirt ever- and it said, “when life gives you lemons, keep them…because hey, free lemons.”  What are you doing with your free lemons today?

Want to work on this?  Here are some quick tips- start integrating these starting tomorrow:

  1. Once a day (set an alarm), write down 5 things you are grateful for.
  2. Take 3 minutes to watch a funny Youtube or home video clip to intentionally add a dose of joy.
  3. Take another 30-60 seconds to visualize your perfect life.

Every small step matters.

Ask yourself:

  • What is happening in your life right now that you can choose to see with this new, intentional perspective?
  • What judgment and negativity are you allowing to control the trajectory of your life’s path?

Join me today- choose your thoughts more wisely today and change your life forever.  Oh, and also, you are doing a great job.  Be gentle and forgive yourself- you are doing the best you can.  Extra abundance points for forgiving someone else too.




Are you loving my style?  (Can I get a hell yes?!?!)  I am having a fantastic time watching my clients thrive and I have opened up 2 more slots for private coaching clients- if you or someone you know feel ready to take the next step, discover your life purpose, have outrageous success and make significant progress towards achieving your 2016 goals, email me:  Your time is now!

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Attract Abundance with this FUN and QUICK tip!

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Be Open About HOW Your Dreams Come to Fruition (and other lessons from Footloose)

Today’s manifestation inspiration comes from the movie Footloose (1984).  I have always appreciated this movie, so it is only natural that I find a way to connect to it and use it as a deliberate creation teaching tool. Hah! Stay with me here.

This 80’s-tastic movie is about a teenager (Ren McCormick) from big city Chicago, re-located to small town Beaumont boo foo, a town driven by fear of change, fear of lost control, and highly influenced by radically conservative values.  Ren, played to perfection by Kevin Bacon, finds himself resisting, resisting, resisting.  He is used to living a life he loves- one of dancing, the occasional drink, thought-provoking books, creativity and self-expression.  Even if you haven’t seen this movie, there are an abundance of clips available on YouTube.  You can thank me later.

Below is a clip of one of many fantastic dance scenes where Ren drives off in a rage to release his ever-increasing frustration (with an LOA-tastic song, Never by Moving Pictures as the background for the scene):

And this where he is (somewhat reluctantly) present to the opportunity in front of him:

And then there’s this where he helps his friend overcome a personal block:

(I could do this all day)

So how does this apply to deliberate creation and how does this support an intentional perspective? 

He has an inspired thought in the middle of the movie- he is going to make a difference, he is going to organize a dance where everyone can see that dancing does not equal the devil- he is going to be a vessel for change.  He makes many attempts to do it “his way” and calls it “his battle.”  He is not successful.  Why?  He was too attached to the “how.”  He had an idea of how this was all going to happen, but it was only when he let go of the cursed how’s and opened himself to what the Universe could arrange, that he was able to eventually triumph.  It turns out a dance COULD take place, but it would happen across the border in the neighboring town.   Of course the dance was magical, fun, enlightened and safe.  Mission accomplished.

Also important here, Ren didn’t lose his spark.  He honored his beliefs, honored his inspiration, honored his inner guidance despite the town’s resistance, and in doing so, he was able to impact real change in this small town.  Oh yeah, also the super important lesson that dancing is awesome-sauce and one of the best things in life.  Do yourself a favor and dust this ‘oldie but a goodie’ off and watch it!  Don’t own it? (sacrilidge) – Fear not, your library will absolutely have a copy to loan you.  It’s a guaranteed vibe lifter and a great reminder that anything is possible!

If you can learn to drop your resistance and open yourself up to achieving your dreams following whatever opportunities surface, you will be your own Ren McCormick, making a difference in this world while pursuing your passion and living your dream.  Time for a gut check- do you have a pre-determined path to your dreams or are you open to any opportunity that presents itself?  Are you insisting and re-affirming the limiting belief that you have to do x, y and z to make the money you want?  Are you certain (read: short-sighted) about “the way” to achieving your dreams?  Let go and open yourself up to other possibilities.  If money is what you want, there are literally thousands of way to bring money into your life.  Have fun with this – get creative and challenge yourself to be open to your dream manifesting in a different manner than originally “planned.”

And with that, really all that’s left to do is….ya gotta cut loose, footloose…kick off your Sunday shoes… 🙂

Encore: Just for funsies, I had to include this clip from Jimmy Fallon- 30 years later and he’s still got it!!!


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Change Your Life with this one SHIFT: LOVE, obligation and resentment and CHOICE!

Greetings lovelies!

The other day I posted a video about something you can do RIGHT NOW to heal relationships and truly change your life…and what that one thing is…. ::drum roll please::

You guessed it- adopt an “Intentional” Perspective!!!

Ask yourself this- think about the last few days or weeks- did you ever find yourself grumpy, angry, annoyed/irritated or doing something because “you had no choice” or because you felt OBLIGATED to do it??  Perhaps it was for a loved one – maybe someone you are caring for?  Or maybe it was about your job?  Perhaps you feel you have no choice when it comes to being miserable and hating the job you are at right now.

I have great news for you- you are not obligated to do anything in life.  Feeling obligated is what you tell yourself.  But you aren’t.  You have a choice.  And we forget that!!!!  We so often forget that we have a choice.  And when we reframe the decision as a choice we are making, it is a lot easier to find the love and joy in what you are doing.

Watch the video using the link below and let me know your thoughts!  Any a-ha moments for you?

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Daily Planner Pages: Version 2.0

Intentional Perspective Planner-2 per page v2.0 -pin2


Attached is my updated version of my personal daily planner pages!

Intentional Perspective Planner-2 per page v2.0

Note that taking care of your body/mind/spirit is at the top- that is not on accident!  These are most important!

Take a look and let me know what you think!  Next on my To Do list is to make editable pdf versions so that you can truly customize them to your heart’s desire.

Until then, I hope these planner pages are of value!  Also, if you like the DAILY planner page, check out the Weekly Planner pages that I created as well!

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Weekly Planner Pages!

Intentional Perspective Weekly Planner 1.0 -pin

Here’s the thing- I’ve never ever found a planner that had pages just as I wanted them.  Here at Intentional Perspective, what I consider to be most important is a focus on balance between all areas of your life.  It is for that reason that my weekly planner is NOT broken out/organized by day and instead is broken out into the main areas of your life: self-care/personal, spiritual, family, community, career and life purpose.  Also, at the top is a spot for those tasks that you want to accomplish every week.

So excited to share this with you and hopefully you find it as valuable as I do!

Intentional Perspective Weekly Planner 1.0

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