Private Coaching Session Options

We have so many different ways we can play together 🙂

I appreciate you visiting this page- it means you are wondering what I can offer you that will work FOR YOU!

Single Sessions:
Single sessions are for those individuals who feel like they simply need a “tune-up” here or there, but already have a plan in place and really could just use some alignment help.  Perhaps you just feel like you are missing something- and if that one piece of the puzzle could be figured out, everything else would fall into place.  These single sessions are $250 each and are subject to availability.

Monthly Email-Only Coaching Package:
The monthly email-only coaching package is exactly how it sounds and is incredibly popular for my mom-preneur clients on the go go go who benefit from the freedom and flexibility that email allows!  You enroll on a month-to-month basis, it includes unlimited coaching emails and I commit to replying within 2 business days.  The total cost for this package is $600 monthly.

Monthly Coaching Package:
The monthly coaching package is one of my most popular packages, especially with individuals who have short-term or quarterly business goals.  This package includes tw0 1-hour phone coaching sessions as well as email coaching for the month.  Got a question?  Stumped on something?  Need to talk but our session isn’t for several days?  No problem- just email me and I will get back to you within 48 hours.  The total cost for this package is $950 (payment plan available).

8-Week Habit Building Package:
This is probably my 2nd most popular package because we go into our session with a very specific purpose and I am truly with you every step of the way.  I told a colleague once- the day I figure out how to bottle new habits into a pill, I will instantly become a trillionaire.  Dang, it can be hard, right??  We ALL want to build better habits, but most of us make it a week, maybe two…and then what happens?  It fizzles.  You need accountability, support, and honestly, a personal cheerleader- and that is where I come in.  I will help you maintain focus and motivation. 

For 8 weeks, I will be your accountability partner as well as your cheerleader and coach.  You will get daily check-in via email and/or text.  You will commit to having 8 weekly 1-hour phone coaching sessions.  Email coaching is included for the entire 8 weeks as well.  The 8-week Habit-Building package is $2900 ($300 savings!) (payment plan available).

12-month Coaching- Gold Package:
This package really resonates with my business clients that know they want to maintain regular access and accountability with me, but we have already laid the ground work and are attracting success based on refining habits already built.  This package especially resonates with busy business owners with a lot already on their plate because it is consistent and ongoing, but has a greater time buffer.  This package includes one phone coaching session per month (12 total).  The 12-month, 12-session Gold package is $2800 (payment plan available).

Full-Year  Transformational Coaching- PLATINUM Package:
This VIP package really resonates with my clients that know they want to maintain regular access and accountability with me or who have larger-scale goals (think significant annual business growth, 50+ pound weight loss goals, making a large life or career shift, or finding their soul mate).  Email is included as well as 2 phone coaching sessions per month.  If you are looking for this next 12-months of your life to be the most transformational of your life, then this package is for you. This 12-month, 24-session Platinum/VIP package is $9500 (annual commitment, payment plan available).

Looking for how to submit payment?  Please send payment via PayPal to: or submit inquiry about sending personal checks.